We are a Semi and Full auto site which means full auto is permitted everywhere on site.

We operate a 350fps limit on assault rifle guns using .20g BBs when chrono’d on our site chrono.

We allow the use of semi auto DMR rifles. These must be locked to single shot capability only and have an FPS muzzle velocity of no more than 400fps on a .20g bb.

Snipers are also allowed on site. They must be bolt action and not have an operating FPS greater than 500 when firing a .20g bb.

All games are run and marshalled by experienced Airsoft players. Their say is final.

Abuse and foul language is not tolerated to anyone on site, this includes both staff and players. Failure to meet this rule will result in instant removal of the offender from the site. There is a no tolerance policy towards Alcohol and Drugs on site. IF anyone is under the influence of either, or brings them onto site ejection of the individual will immediately follow without refund.

Eye protection must be worn on site at all times except in the safe zone and the store. These areas are clearly marked.

We recommend the use of full face protection while out in game.

Anyone under the age of 18 full-face protection is mandatory.

16 to 18 year olds must be signed in by parent / guardian over the age of 18.

A parent guardian who is over the age of 18 must accompany 11 – 16 year olds throughout the day unless prior permission has been given by the Valhalla team.

We allow the use of all bb weight limits other than 0.12g bbs.

Pyro both reusable and disposable is allowed to be used everywhere on site.

Grenades ONLY disposable are allowed to be used anywhere on site. There is no noise level cap.

Rubber knives and melee weapons are allowed. They must be able to bend 90 degrees and not have sharpe edges.

We allow the use of high cap and drum magazines.

Whilst in game please do not touch or move any other players equipment including (TORCHES, GRENADES, GUNS.  IF YOU FIND THEM LEAVE THEM) USUALLY PLAYERS KNOW WHERE THEY ARE IF NOT A MARSHAL WILL GO LOOK!

We allow the use of torches and strobes, however NOT if anyone suffers with any medical condition which prevents us from doing so on the day. No green lasers are allowed on site for any reason. Red lasers are fine.

All guns must be transported too and from the site in a case or appropriate carrying apparatus(no guns out on show outside the venue). Anyone who is caught with open guns in the surrounding area outside will be banned instantly with no refunds given.

smoking and vaping is permitted anywhere on site, however please listen to each safety brief given on the day for designated smoking areas if they are in operation.